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Helen Pryke is a British author who has been living in the north of Italy for almost 30 years, learning everything about Italians, their culture, and their way of life. She now considers herself more Italian than British, even though she has never lost her British accent. Addicted to coffee and chocolate, she has also developed a passion for good food, having married an Italian who is a wonderful cook! 

Helen writes emotional women's fiction set in Italy that deals with the difficult subject of abuse in a sensitive way. She also writes middle grade fiction under the pen name, Julia E. Clements (see children's books). When she's not writing, she works as a proofreader for indie authors and a translator (from Italian to English). She loves reading, and will read anything and everything.

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The Dragonfly Grove, the sequel to The Healer's Secret, is now available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited!

Jennifer’s life has changed for the better since she arrived in Italy. She’s put her past behind her and can finally look forward to a brighter future with boyfriend Francesco and her Italian relatives. If it wasn’t for the disturbing visions she keeps having of a pregnant young girl.

Who is she? Is she a part of the Innocenti family and, if so, what is her connection to the Dragonfly Grove?
Jennifer knows she must once again travel to the past to find the answers to her questions, but this time she’s afraid she won’t be able to come back.

Following on from The Healer’s Secret, this much-anticipated sequel will take you to medieval England for a breath-taking journey through time.

You can find both books here!

I've been pretty busy this summer, as I have also published my second children's book, Adventure in Malasorte Castle. You can pre-order the ebook now for release on the 30th September, the paperback is already available!



Twelve-year-old Izzy is excited to be spending the summer holidays with her Italian grandmother. She eagerly listens to spine-tingling tales of the evil spirits that once infested Val De Monio, in awe of the Guardians who did battle with them. But when Gran tells her about a Mazzapeghoul, a wicked demon, still inhabiting Malasorte Castle, Izzy starts to doubt whether her stories are true.

When her new-found Italian friends suggest spending a night in Malasorte Castle to prove it isn’t haunted, she jumps at the chance to join them. But things start going bump in the night, and they begin to wonder if the Mazzapeghoul is more than just a local myth.

Why did the last members of the family flee the castle in 1932, leaving it empty and desolate? Can Izzy and her friends solve the puzzle and break the curse on the castle before it’s too late?

My children's book, Dreamland, is also coming soon to audiobook! Production is currently in progress, and hopefully it will be available by October!

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