Helen Pryke Author

Julia E. Clements is the pen name I use for my middle grade children's books. As I write two very different genres, I decided a pen name would be necessary, to avoid confusion.

Dreamland is the first book I published under this name. Written for my oldest son, it's about a 10-year-old boy who is given a ticket on his birthday that takes him to Dreamland. There he can create his own adventures, with the help of Lucy and Tom, and all the magical creatures who live there.

Dreamland is now available in digital and paperback format at all online retailers, including Barnes&Noble, Kobo, and iBooks. Click here to find it on your favourite store!

I am hoping to start writing a sequel to Dreamland some time this year, I'll keep you updated on this page! I have another story I wrote a few years ago, Adventure in Malasorte Castle, that is available to pre-order now. And I'm currently working on a new story, which will feature horses and a young girl called Meg.

You can also follow me on these social media, where I like to post pictures of unicorns and dragons, my favourite mythical creatures!

Dreamland is available at all online stores, both as an ebook and paperback: